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Real estate agency in Bulgaria

Welcome to the real estate website of Ideal Homes!

Welcome to the real estate website of Ideal Homes! Here you can find all our actual offers for properties and to get familiar with the services we provide and our way of working. 

Here you will find useful information regarding the relevant basic requirements for the different types of real estate deals. We will sell your real estate by means of an effective advertising of good quality.

Our experience, empathy and individual approach to each buyer makes Ideal Homes the right choice for an intermediary in the process of purchasing the desired property.

Ask all the questions which arise in the process of buying or selling, and you will receive adequate, meaningful and timely responses.

We do not have a motto to impress you, we'd rather impress you with our work!

ID: 21050
150 m2 House
955 m2 Dryanovo
Newly built, partly furnished, two-storey house with four bedrooms in the village of Salasuka - the heart of the mountain and only 15 minutes from the historical Veliko Tarnovo
79 000 EUR   85 000 EUR
ID: 14011
120 m2 House
1000 m2 Veliko Tarnovo
Partially renovated, massive two-storey house with a barn and a well maintained garden in the village of Dobri Dyal
9 800 EUR   11 000 EUR
ID: 10039
370 m2 House
2000 m2 Veliko Tarnovo
Three- storey house with 6 bedrooms, studio and panoramic views, only 5 minutes away from Veliko Tarnovo
130 000 EUR
ID: 21027
120 m2 House
900 m2 Dryanovo
Massive brick built house with panoramic garden in the village of Zaya
15 500 EUR   17 000 EUR
ID: 10008
180 m2 House
1500 m2 Veliko Tarnovo
Spacious house with a shop in the Village of Golemanite only 18 km Veliko Tarnovo
19 000 EUR
ID: 12007
180 m2 House
1000 m2 Elena
Traditional house with 3 bedrooms and picturesque views, 13km away from Elena
20 000 EUR
ID: 16017
103 m2 House
1650 m2 Polski Trambesh
Solid one-storey house with panoramic views in the village of Maslarevo
5 000 EUR
ID: 15016
97 m2 House
940 m2 Pavlikeni
Detached, two-storey house with 3 bedrooms, 28 km from Veliko Tarnovo
7 900 EUR   9 900 EUR
ID: 10011
120 m2 House
1500 m2 Veliko Tarnovo
Renovated two-storey house with a spacious plot near to Veliko Tarnovo
31 000 EUR
ID: 10007
120 m2 House
500 m2 Veliko Tarnovo
Luxury house with a barbecue in the mountain village of Mindya, 18 km from Veliko Tarnovo
50 000 EUR
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