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Property transfer (purchase-sale)

Property transfer (purchase-sale) at Notary's Office (Notarial Contract Exchange and Conveyancing Completion) is carried out in a few key steps.

We should point out that each property deal has its specifics and particularities, which in turn generates additional steps and actions to the key steps. 

Ideal Homes Ltd aims to acquaint you with the basic actions that need to be performed in the process of buying - selling of a property, and any further action could be specified and performed once we get familiar with the property specifics.

Ideal Homes Ltd advises you - be wise and negotiate with the other party! Use the experience and competence of your broker to negotiate the terms and conditions of the deal,

 For this reason the information provided here  is intended to reveal the key steps to buying and selling a property

  Because this process is very specific, Ideal Homes recommends that you use the services of a real estate agency, in order to ensure you a profitable and successful deal.

 Key steps to buying and selling a property:

 1 Choosing a property 

 2 Negotiating the price 

 3. Determining the  payment terms (bank loan, own funds)

 4 Drafting of a preliminary real estate purchase and sale agreement determining the sales conditions and the term for finalization of the deal

 5 Preparing and submitting of any necessary documents for the deal:

5.1. Notarial deed or any other proof of ownership

5.2. Parcellary plan / survey map of the property, issued by the Municipality or by the Cadastre Office in the region concerned

5.3. Certificate of Encumbrance on the property - outstanding mortgage or other types of encumbrance

5.4. Property Tax Evaluation Certificate   

5.5. Certificate of inheritance, if applicable 

  6 Appearing before a notary public for conveyancing completion.

Remarks: The new owner receives the document of ownership (notarial deed) on the next working day after deal closing.

The expenses related to document preparation (parcellary plan / survey map of the property, Property Tax Evaluation Certificate, Certificate of Encumbrance on the property) are borne by the seller.

In principle the expenses related to the transfer of property are borne by the buyer. 

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